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Well-organized Lessons

Our lessons are so structured and well-planned to be compatible with your levels of Persian proficiency and your needs and desire to master Persian language. The method of delivery the materials all play into an interesting and effective environment in digital learning.

Awesome Support

We offer all types of support for a variety of issues ranging from technical to personal ones. We would be happy to receive your feedback and your contributions by sharing your ideas and experiences in working with the present digital learning environment.

Ease of Access

The users will enjoy the easy accessibility to all the learning materials we offer. Our language software and Apps are so well-designed that let you spend less time learning a new language by Learning from home, work, everywhere, every time you prefer.

Our Products and Services

KCLD offers a variety of language resources products and language learning services
Bilingual animations (English-Persian)

Bilingual animations (English-Persian)

We present a series of bilingual audio-visual stories with subtitles both in English and Persian in the form of Android Applications demonstrated in Google Play website. The language of the stories' narration is Persian. So, the application is very useful for English Speakers who are interested in learning Persian. It is also of interest for Persian speakers to watch and listen to some famous and informative stories and enjoy.

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We offer some of our books on Learning Persian language through Amazon website.


We offer all of our database and dictionaries through ELRA catalogue website.


We offer some of our bilingual android applications through google play store.

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